Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The first hours of the 'new'....

...well, it is day one of two thousand and fourteen.  
I never feel quite together on New Year's Day.  The first hours of the 'new' always leaves me feeling excited and anxious all in one bubble.
I'm sat in my studio with walls and washing lines filled with stock for The Linen Garden and a few hidden treasures for my own makings.  Ready for an adventure.
I have new notebooks, new diaries, plans and lists and ideas and secrets and the lovely anticipation of not knowing what the year will bring.

I am approaching this bank of 365 days differently. 

I am going to be a little indulgent in my potterings and 
enjoy not knowing what each day is to bring. 

Make dates to meet lovely makers and creative friends who 
I feel I know so well but have yet to meet in person, 
particularly those who make me laugh alot!
Indulge in visiting more exhibitions and fairs.
Embroider more.
Design more.
Attend workshops to escape.
Attend workshops to be inspired.
Do my accounts on a monthly basis.
Read more.
Ensure more free time is made to garden.
Ensure more free time is made to sit in the garden I nurture.
Walk by the sea every morning.
Hoard more.
Drink more water and a little less wine.
Leave the studio tidy at the end of each working day.
Finally launch a new collection of greetings cards to sell to trade.

I had better get to it!  
But it is New Years Day and I have only popped into my work 
room for an hour to pack a few orders that have come through over the holidays. 
The Linen Garden shop is open and new stock 
will start to arrive from next week.

A very Happy New Year to you and I hope your year is filled 
with lots of adventures, happiness, good health mixed with a sprinkle of naughtiness.  
E N J O Y !  
What are your plans?  Have you set any goals, written lists, 
are you going to try something new or do you just re-write last years list 
(which I have been known to do in the past)

This is how the studio looks today...
neither tidy or organised but most certainly inspiring me to 
start the first chapter to this year - 
it is most definitely a Linen Garden. xx


  1. lovely post...have a fab new year x

    1. You too Rachelle - you most certainly have an exciting one ahead...looking forward to your new books ;) xx

  2. Happy New Year Vicky! I have spent a very enjoyable day reading through everyone's hopes and dreams for the New Year. Wishing you everything you wish yourself

    Love claire xxx

    1. Happy New Year Claire!!!! Wishing you a year of many roads leading to lots of love and happiness and every corner an exciting one to turn xx

  3. Wonderful! Happy New Year lovely xx

    1. ...and happy new year to you beautiful lady - we must meet up again this year xxxxxx