Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I am back in the land where my sanity can rest...

 ...a bit of a testing week so far....The Linen Garden store was supposed to re-open (after its re-stock with loveliness) on Monday morning.  Due to too much static in the air and someone in PayPal land not having enough fruit and fibre that morning - it all went a little wrong and I had to shut the shop down - very strange things were happening. 
Now for me this is a little frustrating, mainly because I get a little anxious when technical faults happen - 'out of my depth a little'  but I tell you what the most frustrating aspect was - not being able to speak to someone about it.  The company that hosts the stores server are based in the US and although they publicise that they operate world wide they actually only operate their support during US times.  No phone number available so that I could cry my panic down a phone line, just had to send them an email...and wait.....and wait....and wait.... but I am finding life is starting to get more and more like that....so if you stop by this blog be so kind to leave a comment so I don't feel as if I am talking to myself here too
So now happy times, after sourcing, cleaning, dyeing, styling, photographing, listing and general tidying; after many a paper 'anxiety' bag being breathed into, end of pens chomped, and I now have a swear box in the studio...I am back in the land where my sanity can rest....so the shop will re-open tomorrow morning (30th) at 7am (UK time) - filled with lots of pretty vintage haberdashery including these hand made ribbons that have been assembled here in the studio. Lots of pretty pastels to entice your making into the summer season...


  1. Technology is fantastic when it works, and unbelievably frustrating when it doesn't and you have no person to talk to. So glad you managed to sort it out and look forward to seeing all your treasures tomorrow. Last week I had the same problem with a delivery from Mothercare, I waited in for four separate days - delivery incomplete, goods damaged etc etc it takes over your life. These things are sent to try us! Jayne x

  2. and technology is supposed to speed up our lives Jayne xxx

  3. I feel your pain! I was without my laptop for a month...I rely on it for so much I felt lost! I also hate not being able to talk to someone.
    Looking forward to visiting the store tomorrow!
    Hugs xx