Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Linen Garden store

 ...I am writing this on a Sunday evening after just straightening the last of the products on the shelves of my new on-line store.  I have spent a long time deliberating whether to take this step as an avenue to my business. Many hours talking to myself, many hours making lists and notes.  You see not only do I make my own stationery, gift and homeware products but I am a terrible hoarder.  I love nothing more than spending my time searching for vintage linens, materials and haberdashery to make my collections.  Quite alot of the time the studio becomes literally a garden of linen.  Not a surface uncovered, not a space of wall bare. 
  I also receive a lovely collection of weekly emails asking me where I source my materials/components from.  So I decided one Autumn evening to open up a small on line store to sell to you some of my findings, gatherings and hoardings.  So from tomorrow The Linen Garden store will be open to you.  A shop with aisles and shelves full of haberdashery and fabrics most old, some new.  Awaiting all of you makers, potterers, and creative souls.  It will be open all of the time, so you can browse at leisure and purchase at ease.  Please do note though that as these are products with age and history, may have been antiqued or hand made they will not be available again.  Quantities are varied between items.
 I have 300 spaces for products, so as items are sold I will replenish weekly and keep it as an inspiring place to shop for you.
Each month I will also be holding a little giveaway.  Something hand-made here in the studio.  Every time you purchase an item your name will be placed into my little flower tin.  Purchase three items in one transaction and your name will be entered three times and so on..... This process will happen every time you pop back and buy.
 So here is the first little giveaway...a pretty linen sewing case/book from my Vintage Drawer Collection - it has a few bits n bobs enclosed, but it also has space for you to add your own sewing tools too...
'Sew' I look forward to seeing you over at the store, pop over anytime you fancy, I am always open.  If you have any questions you can either message me over on Facebook or email me at

....and it would be lovely if you keep popping back here as I have lots planned for the The Linen Garden ... and a few little DIY projects up my sleeve....


  1. So much prettiness...can't wait to shop tomorrow!!
    Hugs xx

    1. thank you lovely - hope you see something you like!! xxx

  2. Show me where the till is my dear! I want to spend some pennies!
    Denise (friend of Steph and Maria) xxx