Wednesday, 30 January 2013

windows, their shadows and their sills

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Ever since being an art student I have been captivated by windows.  I love how they frame a 'still' from 'life', how you can people watch through a cafe window, how they capture the weather from the mottles of rain to the rays of sun trapping shadows on the curtains.  I love how they change through the day.  Working from home in my studio my window tells the time of day, by the position of the sun and the routines of people as they pass by my window.  Most importantly I love the stillness of the morning, I like to be the first to rise, to enjoy the first hour of the day, before the blurring of a family routine in a morning breaks the silence.
 And lastly, I like to place arrangements on their sills. The garden cuttings of summer, the dried seed heads of autumn or a simple cup of winters hot chocolate while I sit at the window and wait for the snow with excited children....

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  1. love the look of that first one its gorgeous x

  2. I am here but blogger woouldnt let me comment yesterday!!

  3. Hi I am back now after placing an order on your lovely new site. Gosh blogger is playing up tonight, the cursor is all over the place. I have been reading your blog last year after seeing your lovely wedding items on the net. I live in Northallerton now but hail from New Marske and my Mam still lives there on Pontac Road (the road ging up to the woods) and my brother lives in Marske. I miss the sea so much but this was work was and my family are settling here as the years go by. I was hoping to move back in a couple of years but now we are to be grandparents (aaarrgghh) in August so I want to be here to help with childcare, plus I am so excited at this event! I make cushions, lavender bags, things etc out of vintage s
    linens and have a terribly large stash of fabric. I used to make soft furnishings at home and did my City & Guilds in it. Then after many years of very hard work whilst the children were little I got an office job and have been there for over 15 years. I still sew and make stuff and we do Chic Vintique in Stockton three times a year and sell my work as well as vintage cups, jugs etc - that we need to get rid of after downsizing. I look forward to my paper flowers coming, I had the same ones a long time ago but used them. Catherine

  4. Oh my goodness Catherine my parents live on Pontac Rd - we must know each other then - even if just faces passing by? thank you for your order - will post tomorrow...xxxxx

  5. Hi Vicky my brother said there are 'Trainors' living where Windross's used to live so they will be between beacon drive and the playing fields! My brother Peter Johnson knows your Dad, I think from Bristish Steel. He works at Teeside Power Station (after Enron) and my son works there as Head of IT. My mam lives at 49 and I went there when I was 11 from West Terrace. There is a caravan on Mam's drive - it is ours - we are pitching it at Whitby over the Summer to get some breaks from my stressful job. There used to be a caravan on the drive but Dad died just over 2 years ago and they got rid, but people will think its theirs. I saw your evening at the chapel last year but couldnt go because I was at a meeting in Hawes and wouldnt have got there in time. My grandad used to live behind and just down a bit from your M&D on Arthur Terrace. I used to be pals with Kevin Windross who lived in your M&D's house. I am 56 so probably the age of your parents more than you! Whoops forgot to say my lovely flowers arrived today they will be added to some little boxes, jars and bottles I have saved.

  6. ah that explains it - we moved in when I was 4 in 1973 xx