Monday, 14 January 2013

tidy, decorative, clutter this time of year we spend far more time in our houses hibernating than any other month.  Mainly because of limited daylight, a little bit of limited funds after the fleeting moment of festivities and in good old British fashion it does tend to have alot to do with the weather.  Dimly lit rooms, lamp light, throws, cushions and little projects and hobbies come back to life.  Knitting started two years ago, the hexagonal patchwork that you started and now wish after many a year you had opted for the square version, winter diaries unfinished, resolutions never kept.
 I have found January to be a rather frustrating one on the homefront side of things.  We began the year with the 'need' to de-clutter and re-create our 'clutter' room into a den for the girls - another room for them to 'hang out' in as they currently share a bedroom.  So I now have a tidy, only because it is empty (soon to be a den) room and the other 6 rooms in the house are now in total chaos - because at the end of the day we couldn't part with any of our clutter and it is now crowding the rest of the house.  This has now left me with the 'need' to empty the house, for the sake of my sanity, and start all over again.  Do you ever get that feeling when you just want to move 'everything' and 'everyone' out of the house and slowly introduce them back inside only, and 'if only' they have a purpose, a function, (even if it is purely a decorative one).
So stand back while I charge my way though every cupboard, every box, every wooden chest, every pocket and bag and place my head of sentiment to one side.  This three bedroom 30's semi can take no more 'stuff'.  The other reason (secretly between me and you) is that 'car boot' season starts in approx two months and I have to de-clutter to re-clutter all over again.  There is definitely method in my 'de-hoarding madness' and I leave you with pictures of  'tidy, decorative, clutter'....
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  1. Oh to have any of those rooms to call my own, big sigh oh booting partner of the hoarding kind!


  2. Ooh you sound just like me! I'm having a clearout ready to start filling up again in car boot season ... what a luxury it would be to empty the house and slowly bring back in only what you really wanted/needed. I suspect that my house would probably look much as it does now by the end of it!
    Lovely post and beautiful pictures xxx